– Separate copyright UX-UI interface
– Feedback editing when designing the interface
– Optimize the devices used
– Lifetime software/app warranty


Design software/mobile apps as required

Statistics show that 99.9% of smartphones in the world use either iOS or Android platforms. Therefore, creating an iOS app or an Android app will have distinct advantages.

Therefore, businesses need to seize the opportunity to design mobile applications on demand to build a brand image and affirm their position in the market.

Why do many businesses need to design mobile apps on demand?

Each different type of business will have its own unique management model characteristics. Therefore, it is not possible to apply the same application to all models.
Applications on the market, often programmed in general for different fields, often have redundant functions, not practical application to your company management work.
In case of design according to specific management requirements and the individual management method must be suitable for the actual major, it will bring maximum efficiency.
What programming language should I use to design a mobike app?

How does a SOFTWARE/APP design process meet KBTECH’s standards?

Step 1: The first step is to listen and receive requests from customers. Then discuss with customers about their requirements as well as desired goals, budget estimates… From there, we advise customers on options to design mobile apps in the most effective way.
Step 2: Brainstorm ideas to design apps based on customers’ browsing decisions.
Step 3: Describe and outline for customers the options to deploy mobile apps.
Step 4: Quote to customers about the cost of building mobile app design as required.
Step 5: Programming and designing mobile applications.
Step 6: Edit the application according to the requirements of the customer.
Step 7: Install software and user manual
Step 8: Complete the product and proceed to handover.
Step 9: This step will maintain, repair and upgrade the application according to the requirements of the customer.

Why should you choose KBTECH for consulting on making software/app on demand?

KBTECH’s staff has full knowledge, experience and skills in implementing software/app design projects as required. Not only constantly updating the latest programming technologies, programmers also have the ability to design vivid and attractive interfaces according to the wishes of customers.

Offer the best solution, design software/app according to customer requirements

Most people are not so well versed in design-related matters. Customers only need to give their requests and ideas, let our team take care of the rest.


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