– Exclusive interface, design consulting support

– Feedback to edit when designing the website

– Website standard SEO, standard Responsive

– Unlimited features included

– Lifetime website warranty


With custom-made websites, the web interface will be exclusively designed, possessing extremely creative details. Your interface design will be completely different, not to be confused with any other website.

The factors that contribute to creating a unique and beautiful website include the interface with an exclusive design, the main color tone selected in sync with the brand logo, other colors used with the ability to coordinate. harmoniously, the layout of the displayed content is logically arranged, attracting viewers, …

When customers visit your website, the first thing they see is the impressive interface design. The way you choose ideas in the design will also help customers get an initial judgment about your brand and business. Or at least an impressive interface will be remembered by customers, which is also a success when the website as a marketing solution lets users know your brand.

Therefore, choosing a custom website design will help you express your message clearly to customers, making them more attracted and interested in the website.

On-demand web design process at KBTECH

Step 1: Receive requests from customers (customers only need to give ideas and KBTECH will advise the best solution). If you have no idea, KBTEC has built a unique web template store for you to select the most suitable web design ideas, refer here.
Step 2: Based on the request from the customer, meticulously research and offer a solution (how to do will be informed to the customer before closing)
Step 3: Design the website interface on Figma for customers to preview
Step 4: Receive feedback from customers and edit and complete the design
Step 5: Cut the HTML and run the demo for customers to see (no features, only HTML and CSS static interface)
Step 6: Code the required features (depending on the field and requirements from the customer, KBTECH will program to handle the features)
Step 7: Complete the website and test the responsiveness of the web, ensuring easy operation on all devices.
Step 8: Guide to website administration, completely free SEO consulting support (if required)
Step 9: Handing over the project and liquidating the contract
At KBTECH – We build a professional website design process, detailed website price list for customers to get the best advice before making a decision.

Why should you choose KBTECH for consulting on making web on demand?

KBTECH’s staff has full knowledge, experience and skills in implementing website design projects as required. Not only constantly updating the latest programming technologies, programmers also have the ability to create breakthroughs, helping to create useful, lively and attractive websites according to the wishes of customers.

Besides the design team, KBTECH’s consulting team also always takes customer satisfaction as a goal for work. The staff in charge of the consulting position will listen to your wishes and needs to make the most reasonable suggestions and advice, helping the initial idea to be shaped in a complete and detailed manner.

Giving the best solution, building the right website according to customer requirements

Most people are not so well versed in design-related matters. You have ideas, have specific visualizations of how your website will look, what content, design you want or what functions will bring the experience, etc., but… you don’t know how to turn them into actual products. This is where we give opinions and directions.

Website programming with many unique features

KBTECH will help you design, integrate a variety of functions towards creating an effective website, providing a great experience.

In addition to the separately designed features, a few basic and important features for the website such as SEO-friendly design, Responsive support, UX / UI experience or information security features, … are all included. Focus on standard design.

Contact KBTECH immediately to own a website designed on demand – its own features meet your expectations both in terms of programming technology and interface design.


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