KBTECH provides Online Advertising plans and strategies on today’s digital platforms. With the criterion: “Let the world know who you are” – We will bring you the best service.

Advertising Services

Advertising Services

Advertising Services

Advertising Services


We understand that to become your long-term partner, KBTECH always adheres to the following value pillars:

1. Database: Marketing Strategies Based on Proven Effective Optimal Conversion Rates. The official implementation method, no tricks, put the customer experience first.

2. Integrity – Transparency: Say what can be done, be specific, clear in working regulations, do not exaggerate or roundabout.

3. Sustainable and continuous growth: All proposals and corrections are for the development of the Enterprise. We’re not trying to sell anything you don’t need.

4. Responsibility – Do not avoid mistakes: Do to the end what has been agreed and agreed with customers.

5. Time: Respect Deadline – Meet the requirements of the business.

6. Price: Always ensure competition and fairness, set the goal of wanting to return the marketing investment as soon as possible.

7. Tech-savvy: As a top research priority at KBTECH, we are passionate about applying the world’s latest Martechs to our projects.

8. Confidentiality and exclusivity: Ensure all customer business information is 100% safe. At the same time, exclusive deployment when customers accompany long-term.

9. Team of experts: A collection of leading professional personnel with 5+ experience or more who have been verified in 50+ actual implementation projects.



Successful marketing-based businesses understand what the essence of online marketing is and know how to make the most of the potential from the most appropriate marketing forms such as: Website, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads , Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, … thanks to choosing a reputable online marketing service.

Going up with the digital age, Marketing Online is increasingly diversifying forms to help businesses at all stages of development, all fields and industries can reach target customers most effectively at the lowest cost. superior.

Therefore, whether you are a Start-up or an SME, even a large corporation, you will not want to be left behind this “playground” – Where your target customers are.

Normally, KBTECH needs 10 days to design the right strategy for the business. Depending on the field of operation as well as the current situation, this strategy will be implemented within 10-12 months.

Have. To be able to check the performance of your business’s Online Marketing channels, we need access to measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads Manager, CRM, Marketing Automation platform, etc.

Within 10 working days of completing your registration, you will receive a clear plan with strategies and measurable KPIs to grow revenue and brand. If you choose to work with KBTECH to implement this plan, our team will start implementing it and you will see results within the first 5 weeks.