– Customize website according to available templates.

– Reduce costs thanks to the available Source Code.

– Ensure SEO standards, Responsive standards.

– Easy administration.

– Complete website quickly

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At KBTECH, the website design according to the template will be based on a number of website templates designed by KBTECH. Based on the requirements of the customer, we will offer a plan to adjust and develop the website according to the wishes of the customer.

Thus, the design of the product will ensure its own aesthetic and style, showing the color of the customer’s brand. The deep customization also helps the website to develop and expand with diverse features, ensuring the quality of the page.

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Appropriate design costs

The design method used by ensures that it can provide customers with products at the lowest cost but with guaranteed quality. This cost level is completely suitable for many different customer groups. From only 7,000,000 VND, you can own a website made like a pre-programmed model by KBTECH, the price we think is not high to invest in a company or business website.

Save time

Because making web templates will take advantage of available templates, the time to complete the project is usually much shorter than with custom design packages. Thus, you can completely use the template website design service if you are planning to promote online activities and develop website content quickly.

Owning features that meet customer needs

– Responsive standard design helps the website display compatible on many different devices. Bring the best experience for users when they access and search for information on the web.
– Standard SEO features to help optimize the website, push the website rankings on popular search engines. Your website is completely visible and accessible to many target groups and customers; promote website visits and increase the number of orders.
Depending on the type of website that customers order – news website, business introduction website, sales website, etc., the corresponding functions will be selected and installed. As a result, using the website will become convenient, maximum support for customers’ work.

Dedicated service from the team of KBTECH

KBTECH’s team will closely follow each project, provide enthusiastic and dedicated support and advice, ensuring the final product can satisfy customers. Not only that, for customers who choose to design websites according to templates, we can integrate extensions such as management software.


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